Emergency Update!

Hey all! Hope you’re as hyped as we are for the Forever-A-Lan this weekend!

One small thing, if you are in the BALLROOMS currently, then there will be a small delay in letting you get in there to set up. The ballrooms were reserved right up until 4pm on Friday, and so we are unable to begin setup until right at 4pm. Again this is only for BALLROOM people, if you are in the GREAT HALL then you will be able to setup your station right at 4pm. We are super sorry for any inconvenience.

Meeting Before The LAN!

Hey everyone! Make sure to come hang out Tuesday Feb 7th at 7pm in Oakwood in the MSC! Why you may ask? Because we’re having a meeting! So come find out all sorts of information and things about Forever-A-Lan happening SUPER SOON.

Welcome Back Ponglings!

Welcome back after winter break!!! I hope you all had a great time, and we’re excited to see you again!

Our next meeting is Tuesday January 24th. We’ll be talking all about our next LAN, the Forever-A-Lan! Tournaments, events, other stuff. It’s great! We will see you in Oakwood in the MSC at 7pm!

— redwolfplayer


Our next LAN is about 2 months away and that means it is time to start creating posters! Once again, we would love to have a community created poster. Last LAN our poster idea was created by PONG member Andrew L and crafted by PONG’s secretary Karlee H. Our next LAN is FOREVER-A-LAN which will start February 17th at 4pm and end on February 19th at 4pm located in the Great Hall and Ballrooms of the MSC. Please see the photos below for information, guidelines, needed images and our poster from last year’s FOREVER-A-LAN! The winning poster submission will receive a *prize* of two prize drawing tickets that will be awarded at the LAN.




People's Organization of Network Gaming