Welcome Back!

With winterm behind us, it’s time to get back to the planning of the biggest LAN ever in PONG history.   We will have room for over 100 gamers at this years March Fools event, and some kickass tournaments to boot.  Stay tuned for any new info right here on the homepage.

Dan Wald – President

New Site

Well the great hard drive crash of ’08 is finally behind us.  We have a totally new site that should meet our needs for a while into the future, and it rocks.  However, with such a new site there may be bugs hiding about – so let us know in the forums if you happen across any that make your life miserable.  The upgraded site should be a nice attractor to new members as well as sponsors.  We hope to make the upcoming semester even better than the last with new equipment and better tournaments.  Other than that, sit back and relax until the next LAN (countdown timer to the right) and head over to the forums for some entertainment in the meantime.

Dan Wald – President

People's Organization of Network Gaming