Discord Rules

(short and sweet)

1. Be respectful to all.
2. No racist, sexist, homophobic, political, religious, or any other hateful comments.
3. No images containing pornography or any content relating to issues in #2 are allowed.
4. Any issues you have with the PONG moderators should be private messaged to the mod team to be handled.
5. No spam (posting the same message numerous of times, talking with bots, using commands excessively).

(the nitty gritty)
1. Every Discord channel under PONG will be held to the above rules. These rules are subject to change at anytime that the PONG Executive Board or our Advisor sees fit.
2. By using any of our channels by any means (text, voice, memes) you are agreeing to follow PONG’s Discord Rules.
3.Users who do not follow the Discord Rules will face consequences.

Spam: In the event of a user spamming any channel of the PONG Discord the message(s) will be deleted and a typed message will be posted in the appropriate channel issuing a warning.
Repeated Spam after warning: Time out or temporary ban
Disrespect: Warning. If repeated, ban.
Hate speech of any kind: Permanent ban

People's Organization of Network Gaming