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Spring and Beyond!

Hello Everyone!

With the Forever A LAN in the past, we don’t have any future major LANs scheduled for the rest of the semester. But, fear not! We will be trying to host a few smaller events or activities throughout the rest of the spring semester. Make sure to check our website or Facebook page to stay updated!

Other than events, we also have elections coming up this semester! We will be running elections to decide Executive positions starting next Fall. Make sure to attend the PONG general meetings that occur biweekly on Wednesdays, with the next being on March 5th!

Welcome Newbies!!!

Hello Everyone!

Now that the Summer Vacation is officially over, it’s time to get back down to business… And I don’t intend on defeating any Huns.

I’m talking about the next LAN PARTY!!! Our PONG Expo LAN will be coming Friday, October 4th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS, because this is the BIGGEST LAN of the fall semester. More information about the LAN (tournaments, events etc..) will be discussed at our First Meeting: Tuesday, September 10 @ 7:00 PM in the Great Hall of the Memorial Student Center. BE THERE!!!!

Some of the topics that we plan to cover:

  • How To: Register your console to play on Xbox Live / PSN
  • Who is your PONG LAN and what does he do?
  • Tournament Ideas: WHAT SHALL WE PLAY TOGETHER???
  • GET INVOLVED! We need new executive members to help us be even more awesome!
  • General questionnaire about PONG, LANs, or Executive positions

After we have covered these topics, we will close the meeting and look at funny stuff on the forums.


Welcome to PONG! We are excited to see what all of you will bring to us this year!.. I do have a mission for you.

If you haven’t yet…

Once you have all of those tasks completed you will be rewarded with 10 Gold and a +4 STR +4 STA Leather Belt…
We have executive positions that will be opening and we need YOU to make sure our org is in tip-top shape to dominate the rest of campus! (Plus you get to sit at a really big table at the LANs).
Our open positions will be for…
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Web Master
All other positions (Except for President and Network Admin) will need to run for their positions as well. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET INVOLVED!!!
I look forward to all of our crazy antics and exciting adventures that are bound to ensue this year.
Hope to see you all at the meeting!!
Sincerely the lovable, awesome, and cuddly…

Welcome Back!

With winterm behind us, it’s time to get back to the planning of the biggest LAN ever in PONG history.   We will have room for over 100 gamers at this years March Fools event, and some kickass tournaments to boot.  Stay tuned for any new info right here on the homepage.

Dan Wald – President

New Site

Well the great hard drive crash of ’08 is finally behind us.  We have a totally new site that should meet our needs for a while into the future, and it rocks.  However, with such a new site there may be bugs hiding about – so let us know in the forums if you happen across any that make your life miserable.  The upgraded site should be a nice attractor to new members as well as sponsors.  We hope to make the upcoming semester even better than the last with new equipment and better tournaments.  Other than that, sit back and relax until the next LAN (countdown timer to the right) and head over to the forums for some entertainment in the meantime.

Dan Wald – President