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Well it’s that time again – time to step up to the first fragging session of the year. The PONG Expo promises to be quite the large event, with room for over 120 PC gamers and a large console arena.

The LAN starts at 2pm on Friday the 17th in Huffs and goes for 32 hours.
We hope to see you there!

Cooler Master Goes Case Crazy

Sponsor Cooler Master has gone completely case crazy with their upcoming sponsorship of the PONG Expo. The company has sent five HAF 932 cases to support PONG in our quest to have the best events on campus. Let them know how much you appreciate the generosity – Cooler Master rocks!

InWin is a Sponsor!

But Wait, There’s More…
InWin has graciously sponsored PONG with an incredible level of prizes and giveaways!

Check out the Stealth Bomber B2 Case that will be making an appearance…

Holy Sponsors Batman!

PONG has been hard at work this summer trying to attract some sponsors for our first big event in September. Needless to say, there are some great companies on the list. Check them out!
Acai Energy

It Lives…

Behold, a black moon rises
The first server from last year’s allocation successfully made its first POST. Work will continue on the new units over the coming few weeks with an anticipated finish date hovering right around the start of school. Check back to start the testing process – we’ll need your help on our new game servers.

Got a game you think we should host? Let us know in the forums!