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Winter WonderLAN

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Come join us for the final LAN within the MSC starting at 12PM Friday for 48 hours of straight gaming! There will be tournaments and even some lulz throughout, if not watch out for that suicidal shrub behind you. Don’t want to wait to download some of the free-mods such as Battlegrounds or Suicide Survival? Don’t worry, we’ll help you get into the fun quick and easy.

We will be also showing the League of Legends Ionia vs Noxus event at 8pm!

This will be the last LAN within the MSC come to at least say goodbye to the hollowed late-night gaming grounds until we meet again.

Collegiate StarLeague

It has been PONG’s goal to be the “Face of UW-Stout” in professional gaming. We may all be gamers but we still have a long ways to go before that becomes an assured reality. As a stepping stone to that goal, PONG is entering the field of Starcraft 2. It has been a hit game ever since its inception at the Expo LAN.

PONG will take all Starcraft 2 players, from the newbies to the top tier, and every weekend or so we will be holding practices, demonstrations and lectures. Our “coach” is a well experienced Starcraft player ranking high in the Diamond Tier and knows a lot on how to improve game skills over time.

Any Starcraft player is free to join and bring your gaming rig or laptop. Our first meeting is November 20th in Northwoods MSC from 5-8.

If this professional gaming experience works well, we will try to move onto other tournament games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and other MLG sponsored games. The more successful the events and participation become, the more PONG will try to go on trips to gaming cons such as Blizzcon, MLG, etc. This is a long term goal.

More details here:

College Gaming Tournament links:

Once more unto the breach

Holy cow, we’re halfway through the semester already. For those of you not in the loop, that means PONG only has two LAN parties left. Prepare for more news on the Child’s Play LAN in the upcoming week and be ready to game for a cause.

The Aftermath…

Well the PONG Expo has come to a close, and the pizza boxes have all been thrown away. Time to recap a great LAN (aside from the network trouble) at the next meeting on Tuesday, September 21st.

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Well it’s that time again – time to step up to the first fragging session of the year. The PONG Expo promises to be quite the large event, with room for over 120 PC gamers and a large console arena.

The LAN starts at 2pm on Friday the 17th in Huffs and goes for 32 hours.
We hope to see you there!