The LAN is starting today! The first LAN of the 2016-2017 school year has arrived. Say hello to the Expo Lan 2016!

Setup is already well underway, so now we just have to wait for that 4 o clock deadline! Once it hits 4pm you’re able to come play all of the video games! We’re going to be posting stuff in our Discord chat (which you can find links to to the left) as well as announcing things over the microphone. You can also look at the beautifully made scrolling schedule, or check out our schedule online!

Can’t wait to see you all, play games, and have all the fun!

– redwolfplayer

Time To Meet, Play Games, and Talk LAN

Hey folks! Hope you’re having a good time so far at Stout.

It is LAN week! That means there’s some great stuff going on.

First off, we have our general meeting TODAY Tuesday the 20th at 7pm in Ballroom B, which is located right by your friendly neighborhood MSC. We’ll be talking about the LAN, some tournament information, and playing some video games of course! This’ll also be streamed at twitch!!

Besides that, you can still buy our clothes! Links will be down below here!

Hats: $22

Shirts: $16

Hoodies: $30

If you don’t enter a name to be on the back of the shirt or hoodie, it will automatically take off $4.50

Thanks for reading and LAN HYPE THIS WEEKEND
– redwolfplayer


Hello PONG members! We are starting apparel sales. Orders will end September 25th. And will be here around October 11th. Show your support and represent your favorite Org by wearing awesome PONG swag.

Hats: $22

Shirts: $16

Hoodies: $30

If you don’t enter a name to be on the back of the shirt or hoodie, it will automatically take off $4.50

Start of the New Semester

Welcome new freshmen and welcome back returning students!

As usual PONG will be doing the annual cable sale! If you missed it day one then come check us out day 2 (Sept 5th). For an added twist we will be in Price Commons! So come say hey and buy either some TV cables, ethernet cables, HDMI cables, or VGA cables!

Besides cable sale, Backyard Bash is going on Tuesday, September 6th! PONG will have a great booth going on, and you’ll be able to come meet the exec team, learn all about the organization, and maybe get some free swag.

Last but best this Wednesday we will be doing our first general meeting! You’ll be able to be introduced to the entire exec board and ask us questions on stuff! Besides that we’ll also be RELEASING SEATING FOR THE FIRST LAN ON SEPTEMBER 23RD – 25TH!!!!1!1!!111!1!

GG EZ Good game! Best of luck to you all!


LAN Resurrected this Friday!

<p>For the fourth and final time this year, it’s time for a LAN party! Dubbed the Resurrection LAN, it will be falling on Easter weekend (March 25-27), lasting from Friday at 4pm to Sunday at 4pm. Unlike the last few events, this time around we will be limiting the seating to only the great hall, since we expect a somewhat lighter turnout this time around. As usual, we will be accepting any help with setting up the event starting at 12pm on Friday, as well as with tear-down after 4pm on Sunday.</p>
<p>Also make sure to come to the meeting this Tuesday (March 22)! We will be going over the last few details that need ironed out before the event launches in earnest. We will be meeting in Oakwood in the MSC at 7pm.</p>
<p>P.S. This is the final LAN event for a good majority of our current executive board; press X to pay your respects!</p>
<p>”Respawning in 3…”<br />
– DragonBlade</p>

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